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The world’s youngest nation

Over 3.7 million Africans have called for the creation of a new land. The results are in for the South Sudanese referendum, with almost 99% voting for independence and secession from the North. My Sudanese college friends are elated at the result, and that the process was so peaceful and […]

Sudan: history of a broken land

Sudan is Africa’s largest nation. As I write this, it is about to split in two. This time it will be official. The South is currently holding a referendum that will almost certainly result in a call for its independence. I have friends among the Melbourne voters for whom this is […]

Move against the fear

Why Africa? Compared with where we’re heading, this video is about a different dimension of ministry, in different parts of Africa, from a different sending group. Yet it’s the same church, the same world, the same mission. “Why haven’t the missionaries returned? … In the past there were missionaries who loved […]