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Another superb evening with our Sudanese brothers and sisters

It was a great privilege this week to go to a prayer meeting with some of our Sudanese brothers and sisters, continuing a partnership Arthur developed while we were at Ridley.

These men and women are amazing. In the past, they’ve faced staggering hardship and have clung to Jesus. In the present, they’re working hard at making sense of life in a new culture. It was incredibly humbling to be able to learn from them and even more astounding to be asked to preach to them!

Here are some highlights of the night:

  • Seeing our friend David in his element as he led the group. He was charismatic, authoritative and warm.
  • Hearing David reflect on his friendship with Arthur and what it has meant to him.
  • Getting some tips on using a kanga (and African wrap/sling) from the women; and the offer of mothering advice.
  • Cultural comparisons. We mentioned that in Tanzania, we’ll have to be careful not to touch each other in public. It’s just not the done thing for men and women to touch, even for married couples. It’s similar in the Sudan. One guy who’s at Ridley commented on couples who touch each other in lectures: “We know they’re married; why put it on show?!”
  • Cultural critique. We heard how there’s no real difference between the idols of the west and African traditional religions: the latter might worship trees but the former just worships money which is made from trees! Ouch!
  • Praying together in multiple languages. So passionate!
  • Hospitality. Dinner was huge slices of well topped pizza and each person was given four drinks (tea, water, Coke and Fanta)!

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