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Sudan: history of a broken land

Sudan is Africa’s largest nation. As I write this, it is about to split in two. This time it will be official.

The South is currently holding a referendum that will almost certainly result in a call for its independence. I have friends among the Melbourne voters for whom this is a moment of great celebration and hope.

The future is fraught, however. Even if the government of the North supports the referendum outcome, as its president is claiming, there are still other fault lines. Filmmaker Jamie Doran isn’t keeping his hopes up: ‘Well over two million may have died in the civil wars, but I have little doubt that the self-destruct button humanity has pushed so often in the past will be employed once again’.

The film below is by Doran. I hope you’ll take the three quarters of an hour to watch it. There have been decades of pain — colonialism, institutionalised oppression, civil war, ongoing border disputes — but there are also stories of light.

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