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Dying to sin: intro

For my theology paper this semester, I wrote on the ideas of ‘dying to sin and living to righteousness’, or, in theological speak, ‘mortification and vivification’. It’s all very well to know the theory of being made new in Christ, but ‘dying to sin’ sounds like an abstract concept: what does it mean in practice? Over the next few posts, I’ll blog through some of what I looked at.

After this post I’ll quickly skim what the Bible says about putting sin to death; then I’ll ask whose work it is; from there I’ll look at three different people’s ideas of HOW we put sin to death looking at Puritans John Owen and Thomas Chalmers and ending with Anthony Hoekema.

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  1. Good to hear ‘Mortification’ is getting some air time! Although admidlty I haven’t thought enough about ‘vivification’!

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