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Eternity magazine is great

I recently wrote to Australia’s Eternity magazine to let them know I’m excited about what they’re doing.

The latest editorial mentions the complexity of Christian life in Australia, but I reckon Eternity is handling it superbly, covering a breadth of issues with both levity and seriousness, yet always with a persistently and truly Christian perspective.

Eternity really does feel like Australian Christianity: interdenominational, relaxed yet upfront, and without the gloss and kitsch of a Christian bookstore!

The balance is excellent. The features have been tackling some pretty big issues, but have consistently done so with wisdom and tact. Eternity’s approach is broad and its tone is winsome, which is perfect for a diverse range of Australian churches.

Eternity has a distribution of 100,000 and is overseen by Bible Society AustraliaContact Eternity if your church doesn’t already receive a bundle!

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Arthur Davis

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