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God of which city?

Today I’ve got an article up at Eternity entitled God of which city? Here’s an excerpt: There are several advantages to doing mission in Australia. You speak the language, you know the culture, you belong to existing networks and supports. And, although it sounds counterintuitive, it can even be cheaper to live […]

Some questions for Eternity magazine

Here at Cyberpunk and Blue Twin, we love the Bible Society. And we love Eternity newspaper. In fact, Arthur’s written before about how great it is, providing a wonderful balance of levity and seriousness; tackling big issues with wisdom, tact and a winsome tone; and appealing to a diverse range […]

Eternity magazine is great

I recently wrote to Australia’s Eternity magazine to let them know I’m excited about what they’re doing. The latest editorial mentions the complexity of Christian life in Australia, but I reckon Eternity is handling it superbly, covering a breadth of issues with both levity and seriousness, yet always with a persistently […]