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God of which city?

Today I’ve got an article up at Eternity entitled God of which city? Here’s an excerpt:

There are several advantages to doing mission in Australia. You speak the language, you know the culture, you belong to existing networks and supports. And, although it sounds counterintuitive, it can even be cheaper to live in Australia once you take plane flights and Medicare into account. But most of all, Australia is simply where you are! Rather than taking years to understand another culture or work up fluency in another language, you already have a wealth of knowledge and skills that are God’s gifts to be used in his service wherever he has put you.

You don’t have to go overseas to find ‘the lost’ and there are plenty of good reasons to do mission in Australia. What then ought to be our attitude towards the faraway places? Shall we leave Melbourne to the Melbournians, China to the Chinese and Tanzania to the Tanzanians?

Why not pop over and read the four reasons to engage more globally?

The anecdote about Queen Victoria comes from Mercy Oduyoye’s book which I reviewed last week and the source for the bit about the Indian student is here, and well worth the read.

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