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Red Twin is living next door to us for 6 months doing some cross-cultural training before she heads to Afghanistan. She’s also Children’s Ministry Guru and today I sat in on a Bible study she was doing with three primary school aged girls.


  • when the 6 year old gave Red Twin permission to organise the Bible study each week “because you’re sort of an adult.”
  • when the 9 year old had to stop in the middle of Gal 5:19 to giggle at how many times the word ‘sexual’ appears (three in her translation!)
  • the earnestness of the little girls. They came with Bibles and notebooks and diligently wrote down prayer points.
  • hearing that they wanted to pray for children in India and Mexico – reminds me of Red Twin praying for years at our family devotions for the famine in Somalia.

In other kid-related news, if you’ve never heard of the Donut Man before, do yourself a favour and check it out. Seriously, most of my emotional engagement with the truths of the gospel as a child came while listening to his tapes in the car. Even as an adult I find them both challenging and moving. Many of us could learn from O-B-E-Y how big theological concepts are practical or from The Lost Sheep how emotive Bible stories are.

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  1. It was fun, wasn’t it? And now with Galatians 5 sorted, my next task is to become a ‘real’ adult!

  2. Aah the Donut man. Life without Jesus is like a Donut ‘casue there’s a hole in the middle of your heart… That’s all I can remember about him but it’s certainly stuck with me!

    I had my first crazy blue twin/red twin moment the other day. Not that either of you will know because red twin doesn’t know me and blue twin wasn’t there. But I got very confused for about a minute when I saw ‘Tamie’ but she looked at me blankly and was in pink!

  3. I had a “how not to” kids ministry moment some weeks ago involving a part of scripture with lots of “begetting” and a depiction that I REALLY should not have shown kids without having seen it myself beforehand.

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