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Blast from the Past: missionary maps

There’s no doubt about the importance of maps for the missionary meeting, according to Amos R Wells. In his opinion ‘missionary meetings without maps… do not leave any definite impression.’ But don’t go thinking that you’ll just buy one: ‘Boughten maps are luxuries. The home-made maps are the best because the process of making them has taught somebody something.’ To that end, he suggests that you have a map drawing evening.

Continuing his love of extensive lists, Amos then provides a descriptions of all the different types of maps you might want to make: published maps, charts, relief maps, dissected maps, gradual disclosure, comparative sizes, a globe.

For all his odd little suggestions, Amos’ concern is that no member feel disconnected from missions:

Do not take it for granted that any place in foreign lands, however familiar to you, is familiar to your auditors; and however often you have already pointed it out, point it out again whenever you come across it in the meeting, for the sake of the new members and for the forgetful among the old members.

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