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Recommendation: Talks on Colossians

Elliot focuses on eating his dinner better when there’s something to listen to, and it makes the job a little more interesting for me too. Sometimes Arthur reads aloud to us but this week we’ve been listening to Peter Adam’s talks on Colossians from Christ Church Hawthorn’s recent camp.

It’s been wonderful to again hear from our former teacher (and one time neighbour!) and to share in some small way with our brothers and sisters in Melbourne. I’m going to mention a highlight of the first talk as a way of enticing you to listen to all of them!

One of Peter’s challenges in the first talk is that we might never think that we have read the Bible enough. Learning about God should always drive us to want to know more, to stand in greater awe. This was a great rebuke to me. I have at times felt the boredom of familiarity with the New Testament, an arrogance of ‘been there, done that’ that is completely out of place in the Christian life. But Peter’s talk models the simplicity and profundity of the kingdom of heaven that belongs to those who are like children.

Highly recommended.

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