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Recommendation: Gary Millar’s Song of Songs talks

Every year Arthur and I try to do some sort of marriage enrichment. We read a book or do a course or see a counsellor. It’s not the only thing we do to improve our relationship but it’s one thing that helps us to be pro-active about it.

The last year or so has been pretty hectic with having our first baby and adjusting to life in Tanzania but we’ve found it pretty easy to listen to talks while making our week’s worth of chapatis on a Saturday morning. Recently we listened to Gary Millar’s talks on Song of Songs from the Adelaide Men’s Convention, and they were a great opportunity to do some reflecting on our marriage.

Despite being about Song of Songs, the talks aren’t just about sex. Millar argues that Song of Songs is a celebration of love. What’s amazing is that such an exultant experience of love can happen between broken people. This is the real world and Millar shows how the couple in Song of Songs aren’t a stereotype of romantic love.

Millar’s a straight talker but he’s not at all boring: aside from his entertaining Shrek-like accent, he’s got a wonderfully humorous turn of phrase. I also appreciated that he taught as a fellow traveller, one who continues to learn as he also sits under the word of God. Obviously these talks are aimed at men, but we found plenty to talk about together. Highly recommended.

There are three talks plus a question time. You can download or stream them here.

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