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Answered prayers 2013

Coming to the end of the year, we reflect on what has happened in the last twelve months. It’s been a full one for us! Recently I’ve been feeling the weight of unanswered prayer: loved ones in crisis, practical things that have gone wrong, not being able to see the way ahead amidst uncertainty.

That seemed like a good reason to write a list of the prayers God has answered this year, and of how we have known his care for us. Here are some of them.

  • Early language learning experiences make a huge difference to adjustment in a new culture. We believe our tutor Nicholas was a Godsend, responsive to our needs, willing to be a cultural interpreter, and genuinely willing to share life with us.
  • I prayed, ‘God, give me a Tanzanian mother figure’, and in Mama Velo, I have found an advocate and protector.
  • We prayed, ‘Comfort us when we feel isolated’, and it just so happened that our friends the Midelos came to stay when we were in the middle of several weeks without internet or contact with Australia because of a computer problem.
  • There have been packages from supporters that have arrived on the days when we have been feeling particularly flat.
  • On an especially challenging day with Elliot, and advice from others to hit him, my tomato lady told me that his liveliness was a sign of his intelligence. I later found out that one Australian friend had been praying for an encouragement in this area on that day.
  • We have been praying, ‘God, go before us and prepare the way’, and there have been a number of ‘chance’ meetings with significant people. One was at a party where we spied someone wearing a TAFES T-shirt and asked for an introduction. He wasn’t even supposed to be there but had come with a friend.

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Tamie Davis

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  1. You would not have been driving furiously, like Jehu, would you? We had similar troubles before the road to Woomera was metalled. Now it’s deadly boring! We remember you 1. every Sunday; 2. at monthly CMS Mitcham group; 3. at a TIS community group; and 4. on your Diary Day, 3rd of the month. Blessings, A and N.

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