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Interpreting the right-blinker indication

So you’re driving along a highway in Tanzania. The car or truck in front of you has its right blinker on. What does it mean? Possible messages include:

1. I am about to overtake the car(s) in front of me.

2. You should overtake me (and possibly the cars in front of me) on the right; there’s no one coming in the opposite direction.

3. Don’t overtake on the right; there’s someone coming in the opposite direction.

4.  I am about to turn right.

5. I forgot to take my right blinker off.

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Tamie Davis

Tamie Davis is an Aussie living in Tanzania, writing at

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  1. Hi Tamie. Funny post. My husband and I often have conversations about whether the blinker means it is safe to pass or not!
    I saw (via Katie’s fb page) that you were in Arusha – not stalking or anything, just have a long background with CMS. I lived in Dodoma for a while as a child as my parents were there with CMS.
    We start school holidays in 2 days and are thinking of driving down to Dodoma for a couple of days as I want to go and look around. However, reading the guide books does nothing to encourage this notion!! I wanted to ask: is the New Dodoma Hotel (opposite the railway) an ok place to stay? It looks like it has a pool in the photos online.
    Cheers, Jenny

    1. You are more than welcome to ‘stalk’ Jenny! I haven’t stayed at the New Dodoma but we have been to their pool and everyone speaks well of it. What a shame we won’t be in Dodoma at the time you’re there – would love to meet you in person!

      Can I ask you a couple of questions back? Which road are you planning on going on? We came via Singida/Babati but were thinking of going back by the new Dodoma/Arusha direct road but would love to hear from someone who’s traveled it.

      Also, any recommendations for things we should do while we’re here in Arusha?

      1. One of our teacher’s aides comes from Dodoma. She says we should drive through Babati/Singida as the other road is terrible.

        If there is a pool that is usable my kids will be happy. Thanks for that confirmation.

        In Arusha Shanga is a definite must. And if you can afford it, lunch at the restaurant after doing a tour – residents rates apply. If you like art, the gallery at the Cultural Heritage Centre is fantastic. Outside of town is the Mserani Snake Park – some nasty specimens there, and the opportunity to hold some. There is a movie cinema at Njiro with surprisingly up to date shows. Otherwise there are some great places to eat – try the Fig & Olive.

        Shame our paths won’t cross!


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