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It started with goat intestine soup…

We were at a dinner for TAFES Associates in Dodoma, when we were offered goat intestine soup. We tried it of course, and it was not bad, even the furry bits – definitely better than the fried goat liver I’d eaten for breakfast in a village the previous weekend!


We were told the soup was a delicacy of Dodoma region – the Wagogo believe in eating the whole animal. Some others who were at the dinner preferred not to eat it though. One guy explained he doesn’t like it, and it’s not his culture to eat it. He grew up around Morogoro about 250km east of Dodoma, with parents from two different tribes. He doesn’t like to eat intestines, preferring the ‘normal meat’.

After the goat intestine came the BBQd goat. It was served with a fried (plaintain) banana and some salad, from which I abstained because salad’s dodgy at the best of times here and we were travelling the next day. To our surprise, this was not actually the main course. That was still to come and it was rice, chips and chicken. That’s right – three courses, all meat dishes!

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Tamie Davis

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  1. I was eating my recess while reading this…talk about making the tummy churn, that soup looks truly vile! I’m impressed you managed to stomach it…

    1. I had the same thought looking at it Samara, but if you close your eyes, it’s really not that bad. Soups and stews are good too because even though they look unappetising, they’re heavily seasoned.

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