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Super short reviews of 4 books about Africa

Preachers of Another Gospel, Femi Adeleye

All the examples in this theological and pastoral take down of prosperity gospel are African, so you don’t need to ‘leave’ Africa for this discussion. The author also offers positive examples of Christian discipleship and interaction with prosperity from his Nigerian background, so the solutions he offers have real traction too. The prefacing poem alone makes this book worth it but the whole thing is fantastic.

African Friends and Money Matters, David Maranz

Probably really relevant if you’re in a village somewhere, but for our urban context, this really shows its age (written 2001). A collection of thoughts on the traditional African dealings with money (insofar as you can boil a complex continent down to one approach).

Is Africa Cursed?, Tokunboh Adeyemo

According to Adeyemo, no it’s not, and those who use Sons of Ham theology ought to consider Ham’s grandson who was tremendously blessed and wise. Africa’s problems stem from a misapplication of the wisdom found in the Bible. The weakness of this book is the less than subtle suggestion that the West experiences greater prosperity and therefore is worth emulating.

African Pentecostal Theology, Clifton Clarke, ed

African Pentecostal theology is more often spoken, sung or danced than written but this book takes on the task of describing and deconstructing it. The first half looks at theological currents including hermeneutics, christology and pneumatology, and part two examines particular issues in specific contexts, like eschatological prayer in Ghana, or evil and witchcraft in Nigeria.  This was so good I’ll be doing a series on it coming up.

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