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A Fourth

We’re having another baby. Due early Feb 2016, while we’re on home assignment in Australia. We’ll return to Tanzania in mid-2016 as a family of four.

We prayed with Elliot, ‘Dear Jesus, please give us a new person in our family’, and now we pray with him, ‘Dear Jesus, thank you for the baby growing in Mama’s tummy. Please keep Mama and the baby healthy and strong.’

Doing pregnancy cross-culturally is a new learning opportunity. Tanzanians don’t announce pregnancy or talk about it much. We have had to explain to various people that I will be heading to Australia a bit earlier than planned (in order to receive some specialist care) by only alluding to me being pregnant in the most obtuse ways. It was funny to watch one friend be very excited for us, and at the same time not say anything! Sometimes, though, we’ve found that people haven’t picked up on the implicit clues, and we’ve just ended up saying, ‘Tamie is pregnant’. When we do that, we still use the euphemistic word for ‘pregnant’, even though in English we prefer not to use euphemisms for pregnancy.

We’re not sure what will happen to the blog in the next few months as we live in different countries, but I have at least a few reflections on doing pregnancy cross-culturally to come.

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