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Life for the little guy 18: TCK

So far Elliot’s life has pretty much just been in Tanzania, but as we’re back in Australia for several months every three years, I expect as he grows up, airports and international travel will become a regular feature.

On this trip, he was delighted to go on an escalator for the first time (and then many times after that – we rode them in Jo’burg airport for some time!) He loved dragging his little suitcase around, and watched it very carefully while it went through security!airport


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Tamie Davis

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  1. Nice one :) so much to see at an airport! Will LOVES wheeling the suitcase too.., though is a bit scared of escalators.

    Thought u guys might like a look at this video of Will mike has put together for deputation…

    Tamie hope the jet lag goes away fast for u both!

    link: password: tckwill

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