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To all 2018 women…

The following was shared with TAFES associates in a WhatsApp group of which we are a part. The nearest I could trace the authorship was here but it was not clear. Nevertheless, the interest for us is less on who wrote it and more on how it is being used and shared. I thought it was a neat little picture of biblical femininity from a Tanzanian perspective, as told through some of the named women of the Bible.


🙋🏾‍♂ To All 2018 Women �

Be an Esther, bold and courageous enough to stand for the truth, to voice your opinion and fight for the good of others, even when it means to sacrifice yourself. If God has put you in a position, it is for a purpose. Never be afraid to heed to that inner voice.

Be a Ruth, loyal in all your relationships, walk the extra mile and don’t quit when things get tough. Someday, you’ll see why it was all worth the effort.

Be a Lydia, let your homes be open, let your hands be generous, let your hearts be big enough to help anyone in need. Joy is greatest when shared.

Be a Hannah, never cease to pray. It will never be in vain.

Be a Mary, humble and submissive. You don’t have to be great for God to use you, you just need to obey.

Be a Dorcas, use your talents, however small it may seem to bring a smile on someone’s face. You’ll never know how much it can mean to someone.

Be an Abigail, remember how each decision can turn your life around for good or bad. Be wise.

Be an Elizabeth, never doubt what God can do. Miracles do happen.

Be a Mary Magdalene, never let your mistakes and judgments of other people stop you from experiencing true joy in Jesus.

Be a Rebekah, never forget that true beauty lies within. Draw your man closer to God through your character.

Lastly be Sarah age doesn’t matter, Trust & believe. All is possible with God

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Tamie Davis

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