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Something I want to ask Red Twin about no.248

We have discovered that we have a henna tree in our backyard. Callum’s nanny started picking the leaves and I asked her what they were for and that’s how I found out what it was. Where did I think henna came from before this? Did I think it was some kind of clay? Or a dye? What did I think the dye was made out of?

Red Twin used henna regularly in Central Asia. She would paint Jesus stories on her hands with it and when people would ask her the meaning of it she would tell them.

Did Red Twin know where henna comes from? I rack my brains trying to remember if she ever said anything.

I imagine how she’d respond if I asked her. Probably she’d roll her eyes and say, ‘Yes of course Tam, how did you not know that?’ Or if she didn’t, her eyebrows would go up and she’s make a little ‘huh’ sound, then reason it through.

So I’m trying to remember. Did it just never come up? Or was it something she mentioned that I never took note of?

Why didn’t I think to ask her? Not that it’s that important. I mean, if I had her last 5 lucid minutes over again, this isn’t what I’m going to ask her.

But I don’t want 5 more minutes with her. I want to be able to ask her in this moment if she knows about henna.

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Tamie Davis

Tamie Davis is an Aussie living in Tanzania, writing at

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  1. She is there in spirit, if you ask her the question she will give you an answer. It may take you a while to work it out but the answer will come.

  2. so sad. so empty. so quiet.

    thanks for being vulnerable and risking sharing your grief Tamie xx

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