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Elliot the dragon and the crazy wings

Term 2 has started at school, so we are walking each morning again, and telling Elliot the dragon stories!

Once upon a time there was a little dragon called Elliot. He had a dark green body and bright sparkly green wings. He lived with his Mama, Dadda and Callum dragons and went to this cool school called DragonPAC. Elliot had all kinds of wings that he could wear to school.

When he didn’t want anyone to see him or bother him, like when we wanted to be left alone to read, he wore his grey wings so he didn’t draw attention to himself. But when he wanted to be noticed, he wore his polka-dot wings. They had big purple spots and small orange spots and when we wore them, everyone said, “You’re crazy, Elliot the dragon!” So he called them his crazy wings.

At first Elliot just wore them a bit, as a way of getting noticed and making friends, and the other kids always laughed when Elliot wore his crazy wings. They said to him, “wear them again!” and soon, Elliot the dragon found that he was wearing his crazy wings a lot.

Now, the thing about crazy wings, is that they’re fun to wear a little bit, but if you wear them too often, it’s not as much fun. It’s a bit like how junk food is really yummy to have a little bit of, but if you have it all the time, it makes you sick and cranky. If you wear crazy wings too much, it starts to feel like the crazy wings are in charge instead of you.

This is how Elliot started to feel after a while. The kids kept asking him to put on the crazy wings, so he did, but Elliot didn’t really want to. He didn’t feel good about wearing his crazy wings anymore. He wanted to take them off.

The thing was, Elliot was worried about what would happen if he did take off his crazy wings. Did the other kids only like him because of the crazy wings? If he took them off, maybe they wouldn’t like him anymore.

Elliot took his concerns to his wonderful teacher. Her name was Moshi Dragon. He told her his worries, and together they hatched a plan.

The next day, Elliot came to school without his crazy wings. He just had his normal green sparkly wings. No one took much notice of those wings, and soon the other kids started asking him to put on his crazy wings. Elliot the dragon really wanted the other kids to like him, so he wanted to put on his crazy wings, but just as he was feeling tempted, Moshi Dragon said, “Hey Elliot the dragon, do your wings SPARKLE?” The other kids stopped and looked at Elliot the dragon’s green wings.

“Hey, they do!” said another kid. “And they’re the most beautiful bright green colour!”

The kids crowded around Elliot to see his beautiful green dragon wings and admire them. They had not really noticed them before, because of the crazy wings, but now they saw how cool they were.

Moshi Dragon told them that these wings are the colour of a helper dragon and a leader dragon.

But there was one kid who couldn’t see Elliot’s beautiful green sparkly dragon wings because he had hurt his knee the day before. He just had to sit down and couldn’t walk. Elliot the dragon remembered that he was a helper dragon and a leader dragon, and he had an idea about how to help that kid.

Elliot the dragon offered to take that kid for a ride, since he couldn’t walk. The kid was so happy and Elliot was glad to have his good strong green sparkly wings. He remembered that crazy wings look cool, but are not actually very good at flying. Everyone stood and cheered as Elliot and the boy flew off with the kid on his back.

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