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Elliot the dragon and the hard morning

I told Elliot this story on the way to school one morning. At the end I asked him if he thought it was just a story, or if the ending would come true.

Once upon a time there was a little dragon called Elliot. He lived with his Mama Dragon and Dadda Dragon and baby brother Callum dragon in a lovely cave with a big backyard and went to a great school called DragonPAC. Every morning to get ready for school, Elliot the dragon had 7 tasks he had to complete, like eating breakfast and getting into his uniform and putting on sunscreen. If he completed them on time, they were ticked off the chart and if he did all of them without getting distracted, he got a chocolate biscuit called a Dragon-Tam to eat on the walk to school. Most mornings, that was what happened.

However, one morning, Elliot the dragon had real trouble getting up. Normally he was very good at waking up, but this was during the first week of a new school term and there had been visitors which meant Elliot had had trouble settling down to go to sleep the last few nights. So there were lots of reasons he was very tired.

On this particular morning, after Mama Dragon had brought Elliot downstairs while he waited to get hungry, he slept in his beanbag instead of reading like normal. When Mama Dragon tried to wake him, his paws were all heavy and they flopped down when she lifted them. Even once he managed to open his sleepy eyes, his wings wouldn’t cooperate to stretch out and help him through the day.

As you can imagine, this mean that Elliot the dragon ran very behind on his morning chart. He also had trouble keeping on task with it. He kept sitting down to play with the Duplo, or wanting to tell stories. Actually, Elliot didn’t get any ticks that morning and he didn’t get any Dragon-Tams. He felt pretty down about that, and even asked his mama if they could drive to school instead of walking. However, Mama said it was important to walk to wake up his body and mind for the day and to get some energy out. So Elliot the dragon plodded along.

Mama could see how hard it was for Elliot. The first week of a new school term is a rough one, and she knew that when a routine gets disrupted, it’s hard to get it back straight away. Still, Mama couldn’t give Elliot a Dragon-Tam if he hadn’t done the morning chart. She had another idea though. She sneaked some little chocolate kisses into Elliot the Dragon’s lunchbox, so that even though he was feeling bad about missing out on the Dragon-Tam, when he opened his snack box during first break, there was something to make up for it, and to encourage him to keep going on hard days.


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