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Elliot the dragon and the purple flower bush

Once upon a time there was a little dragon called Elliot. He lived in a lovely cave with his Mama Dragon, Dadda Dragon and toddler brother Callum dragon. Their cave had a wonderful big yard that the little dragons loved to play in.

Before they lived in this cave with its wonderful yard, they had lived in another one, smaller and way up high in the mountains. They called it the Bat Cave because there were so many bats in it. At the Bat Cave, they had to be inside all the time because there was no yard.

Because Mama and Dadda Dragon liked flowers, they tried to grow some at the Bat Cave. They had a purple flower bush that they grew in a pot. It did not grow super well, but it had some flowers at least. When they moved to the new cave with the backyard, Mama and Dadda Dragon took it out of its pot and put it into the ground. At first, the purple flower bush did nothing. It just stayed teeny weeny like it was before.

Then, the purple flower bush realised that it didn’t have to be confined to a pot anymore. It had a whole yard to grow into. All of a sudden it sprung up, sending tendrils here and there and stretching out its branches. It burst into sprays of purple flowers and it looked healthy and strong because it had room to grow.

That same thing was happening to the little dragons. In the Bat Cave, they had been confined inside, unable to really stretch out their wings or stomp around on their strong legs, or run fast or experiment with their fiery breath. When they first moved to the new cave, that was still all they knew how to do. But after a while, like the purple flower bush, they began to see that there were other spaces, spaces they could make theirs and which would make their bodies strong. And so, the little dragons became more dragon-y from being in the yard, just like the purple flower bush became more bloom-y once it got out of the pot.

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Tamie Davis

Tamie Davis is an Aussie living in Tanzania, writing at

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