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Elliot the Dragon and the ant

Once upon a time there was a little dragon called Elliot. He lived in a cave with his Mama Dragon, Dadda Dragon, and little brother Callum Dragon. Elliot was a golden dragon and Callum was a pink dragon. The family loved each other very much and most of the time they got along very well together.

But then one day, something happened. An ant crawled on Elliot. Now, most of the time when an ant crawls on you, it’s no big deal. You might not even notice it, or you can just brush it off. But Elliot didn’t do that. When the ant crawled on him, he turned around and ROAR at it!

He didn’t just do it once, but every time an ant crawled on him. Sometimes he would even breathe fire at it! That’s a pretty big thing to do for just a teeny tiny ant. Sometimes when Elliot was trying to get rid of the ant, he accidentally hurt Callum who was standing nearby.

Then, Mama started doing it as well. Instead of just brushing off the ant, she would ROAR as well, and even breathe fire. Sometimes Elliot was standing nearby and in danger of getting burned.

Callum didn’t roar and breathe fire when an ant crawled on him, but he didn’t just brush it away either. He shrieked instead, and then he would burst into tears.

Some days it felt like everyone was roaring at each other. Something could start off very small, like an ant, but one would roar at it, then another one would roar to stop roaring, until it got was a big mess. Elliot the dragon said to his Mama, “I am in trouble all the time!” No one was very happy.

The thing was, there was a reason for it. The Dragon family were just about to move to a different part of the world for 6 months. When that happens, dragon scales get very sensitive. Even the smallest little ant trail can feel like big pricks on your scales. It might be a small thing, but it feels like a big thing. That’s why they were roaring at the ant like it was a dangerous predator.

Mama Dragon had something that she thought might help Elliot the Dragon. She had a special lotion that calms down prickly skin. Every night, she massaged it into Elliot the Dragon’s scales to help him.

And as she did, she told him about a lovely cool lake in the new place. Dragons love nothing more than a swim in beautiful crystal clear water that surrounds them and caresses their scales. That sounded wonderful to Elliot. It gave him hope that he would not always feel so prickly like this.

Mama Dragon told him that they would get to the lake, and that it was not so long until they got there. A few weeks after they got to the new place, the prickles would start dying down, and after a few more weeks, they would be gone. But the thing was, to get to the lake, they had to go through a thistle patch. That was the only way. You can’t go over it, or under it or around it. If you want to get to the lake, you have to go through it. Everyone felt kind of worried about all the prickles, but they also really wanted to get to the lake. So Mama Dragon rubbed the lotion all over Elliot, and he climbed on her back, and held on tight to her wings, and together they slogged through the prickles.

When they eventually got to the lake, Elliot the Dragon was about to jump into it when he noticed something amazing. Not only did the lake shine like gemstones, it also had a waterslide! He looked behind him at the prickles, glad they were over and relieved that he had made it through, and then he turned toward the lake, and did not look back as he twirled and turned and slipped and slid his way into the water.

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Tamie Davis

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