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Dear kids of the future…

People have been asking us what life is like for us at the moment. As it happens, our boys wrote a letter to ‘the kids of the future’ to explain what it was like to live through the coronavirus and they have given us permission to share it here. It’s one of the activities we’ve been doing to help them process the changes in their world, .

Dear kids of the future

This is what it was like living through the COVID-19 coronavirus, a kind of sickness. We were aged 7 and 4.

We had to stay in our houses. We were very uncomfortable because we did not get to see our friends, but there were some new things to do, for example: we had to use computers for school; we got to have more play time; we even got a new toy castle because many families left Tanzania and could not take things with them.

Our cleaning lady, Mama Pendo, was not able to come, so we had to wash dishes and floors ourselves.

People can go outside but they wear face masks and maybe gloves. As long as we stay inside our walls, we are safe and we do not have to wear masks.

The coronavirus is a tiny germ in the shape of a crown, and that is how it got its name. It is important to wash your hands with soap for 20 seconds, which destroys and removes the virus and not to touch your face.

We are waiting for them to make a vaccine, and once we have that needle, we will be able to safely go outside without catching the virus.

We do activities to help us process and understand what is going on.

Instead of going to the shops, we get everything delivered.

Callum thinks God thinks the coronavirus is bad and wants to take it away; Elliot thinks God brought the coronavirus as a punishment for sins.

We have been watching a lot of Jonathan Bird’s Blue World. He is a videographer and there are all sorts of amazing dives, like shark dives, night dives and reef dives, and we learn a lot. He did a dive in Devil’s Hole Cave, known for the Devil’s Hole Pupfish, a tiny and endangered species of fish. We do lots of activities for school and get lots of watching time.

We hope that the coronavirus goes away and that we can go back to school.

From Elliot and Callum

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