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Six ‘Corona Creatures’ crafts

This post puts in one place the six ‘Corona Creatures’ that Tamie collected to create with our kids. While there has been a whole variety of processing activities we did with them (one, two, three, four), our eldest told a friend that the creature crafts have been the key to his sense of peace.

Whether you’re on lockdown or (like us) self-imposed isolation, you can ask one another, ‘How are we like this creature at the moment? How are we different? What does God want for us?’

1. Butterfly and chrysalis

While the butterfly is safely inside its chrysalis, it is growing and changing to emerge anew on the other side.

2. Clam with pearl

When a foreign object arrives, the clam cannot get rid of it, but coats it with a protective layer of calcium carbonate to produce a beautiful pearl.

3. Bat family

These bats withdraw together in a family huddle!

4. Bear hibernating in cave

The bear slows down its body in order wait out the bad weather.

5. Tortoise with retractable neck

This tortoise can slide its head inside its shell when danger approaches.

6. Squirrel storing up food

The squirrel makes stashes of food so it has supplies ready when things run out.

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