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Tamie Davis

Tamie Davis is an Aussie living in Tanzania, writing at

Book Review: Gifted to Lead

Nancy Beach was the first woman in a senior leadership role at Willow Creek Community Church and ‘Gifted to Lead’ is a book about ‘the art of leading as a woman in the church’. It’s not about whether women should lead (as Nancy says, plenty of other people have written […]

More On Femininity

One of the things I think was missing from my ‘On Femininity‘ paper was a decent discussion of what being a ‘helper’ looks like. I made a passing comment about God as our helper and that this isn’t about being passive but then spent most of my time unpacking what […]

One Flesh

When it comes to thinking about gender roles, I wonder whether some Christians have sold out to a traditional Western view of sex, and when I say sex, I mean the one flesh kind of sex not the male / female kind of sex.

Who do you say I am?

Throughout the Gospels, the question asked of those listening to or following Jesus is who he is. Jesus asks it explicitly in passages like Mark 8:27-29 and it is still the question we must ask of others today. Last week on our way down to the LaTrobe / Swinburne uni […]

Oprah, value and grace

What makes us valuable / significant / worthwhile? This was the question asked at the start of the sermon tonight at church. My thoughts immediately jumped to Oprah, who claims that worthiness is our birthright. In a world that says you’re worthwhile because of what you do (accumulate, succeed in, […]