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Head shift (another one)

Our life in Dodoma has got a pretty good rhythm now. For the time being, I mostly know what to expect. We’re feeling pretty well together and not isolated. There’s tiredness, but no shell-shock. I’m always casting around for new experiences; it’s part of what drives me. I’m always animated […]

On the ‘new’ wave of complementarians

Last month, Wendy Alsup blogged about a new wave of complementarians and so ensued a great deal of discussion on the internet. (Catch up here.) People asked, who are the ‘old’ complementarians?; is it divisive to call this wave ‘new’, as if you’re setting yourself against others (maybe Mark Driscoll?); […]

Crossing cultures with attitudes to money

Cross Cultural Partnerships by Mary Lederleitner is quickly moving up my ‘to read’ list. It will be a valuable resource as we think about sustainability in student ministry but we are already faced with considerable ethical issues around money. Apart from beggars, sellers hassling us in town, and bargaining at […]

Some advice from Dr Seuss

Elliot was given a collection of Dr Seuss books for Christmas. I chose, Oh the places you’ll go! to read to him first because it seemed appropriate for a Third Culture Kid. As it turned out, I found it pertinent to myself too. Congratulations! Today is your day. You’re off […]