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A lesson about parenting from beanies and blankets

There are still a number of things that remain a mystery to me about Tanzanian parenting. For example, I see students on their way to class with a child on their back – what on earth do they do with the baby/toddler during lectures?

During our intercultural training, we were warned that parenting is one of the areas where people are most likely to become inflexible and judgemental. I’ve said before that I feel that dressing Elliot in ski gear in this climate would be cruel, for example.

But if this collection of mothers around the world is anything to go by, a little bit of cultural humility is called for. So many of these babies are wearing beanies and extra blankets! I might feel justified in my objection but I am still in the total minority on a global scale! Likewise, while not having a pram seems odd coming from my cultural background, for most women in the world, it’s simply normal to tie your baby to your back with a bit of fabric.

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