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American Gods (book review)

You know it’s going to be an exciting novel when it wins awards for fantasy, science fiction and horror all at once! American Gods is a modern-day mythic tale by Neil Gaiman. All I want to do here is take a look at the novel’s intriguing premise.


We’ve just arrived back from 10 days on the Mornington Peninsula, thanks to a generous friend from church who lent us her family’s holiday house. Hence the lack of blogtivity! It’s the first real holiday we’ve had in years. Trips to Europe and Africa are exciting and spending time with […]

A Christian Twilight?

Christian publishing houses are coming out with their own vampire literature. “Thirsty” comes out later this year with cover artwork that looks suspiciously familiar. Putting aside the obvious cynicism that all the writer / publishers are doing is cashing in on the success of Twilight, stop and think for a […]