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Knowing God (Trinity series)

I’ve made two introductory posts to this Trinity series (1, 2). Now we get to the guts of it. The first reason why the Trinity makes such a difference is because only if God is Trinity can we truly know God. And because God is Trinity, he also knows us. […]

Risk: theological reflections

Thus far in this series, I’ve considered some of the missiological issues involved in risk as well as the complexities of medical evacuation. But the point of this series is not just about making the ‘best’ decision: true wisdom must be grounded in faith, that is, in trusting God. There […]

Stripped (Eddie Izzard)

Last week Arthur and I went to see Eddie Izzard in his latest show Stripped. We’ve previously enjoyed his humorous take on European history in Dress to Kill and this time amused ourselves pre-show by translating the Hebrew paragraph on the backdrop. There were a number of other ancient languages there as well […]

John Stott on salt and light

A few weeks ago I read John Stott: a portrait by his friends. I was particularly encouraged to read this quote, from David Turner, a member at All Souls and a friend of John Stott’s since 1972. I recall early in my legal career going to see [John Stott] to discuss […]

The possibility of optimism

Exum raises a number of questions about how we read biblical texts that seem to oppress women. One question is what they say about women. Another is what they say about God. One problem is that there is no perfect culture. All human interactions are tainted by sin. But what […]