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This Christmas, I’m feeling a bit sad

This Christmas, I’m feeling a bit sad.

I’m sad that Red Twin is far away. We skyped her in while we watched the carols last night, but in some ways, her virtual presence just made the reality of her physical absence more real. You can’t hug a computer.

I’m sad that my Nanny is no longer with us. She would have complained about the gravy with lunch and she would have been surprised every time someone gave her a present because she wouldn’t remember we’d given her the same things the year before.

I’m sad that next year we won’t be in Australia to see family at Christmas. I’ll feel a bit empty without the order of my family’s little traditions or the chaos of Arthur’s family’s last minute rush to buy presents.

Any choice to love others leaves you vulnerable to hurt.

The baby in the manger experienced that too. The great Creator, come into his creation as a vulnerable baby, cradled in loving arms, and yet, very much alone. This is the King born into poverty, and destined to die a criminal.

With my different mix of feelings at Christmastime, I know that he understands. God gets it, he gets all we feel. So while my Christmas prayer is more of a groan, this same truth comforts me: ‘God is with us.’

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