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November book reviews

Two Brothers, Ben Elton I’m familiar with Ben Elton mainly through his writing of Blackadder but I’ll be going back for more of his novels. This one follows two boys who are brothers in every way except blood. One is adopted, which might not be such a big deal except […]

Voting roundup (Australian Federal Election 2010)

(Mainly for Christians) How to vote Take the political compass test Think about what a Christian vote means (see also) Compare parties and policies: ABC, Make Poverty History, Australia Votes, GetUp. Vote below the line easily! Thinking it through (our election coverage) Getting started A Christian vote? Julia Gillard’s Q&A appearance […]

Mother Julia

Last night, Julia Gillard was on Q and A and she acquitted herself exceptionally well. I’ve felt pretty betrayed by Labor in this last term but I felt just the teensiest bit won over last night. Here’s why.