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My votes this week

This week’s pop culture controversies according to the blue twin:

  • Yes to HP7:2. I’ve read the books and I wouldn’t say I’m a massive fan, but the movie didn’t disappoint. Neville Longbottom is a champion. Mrs Weasley is hardcore.
  • I’ve joined Google+ but remain unconvinced at this point. Sorry, early adopters.
  • Patrick Reid over Chris Havel. I can’t even believe there’s a debate on this. Patrick believes in talking to make a relationship work. What’s the point of being with the magic ‘one’ if you spend your time together not saying things? Plus, Chris’s side-part is all wrong. And I like Patrick’s tattoo.
  • Go Julia. Call her back-stabbing or staged or whatever but that woman is cool under pressure.
  • Carbon tax is not what we’d hoped for but I don’t see the point in doing nothing while we wait for something better. For me, it’s less a question of what it will achieve environmentally and more an issue of what having one (however insignificant) will do to our hearts.
  • Finally, I’m a sucker for what Arthur calls baby animal porn.

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4 replies

  1. 1. haven’t seen it. Looking forward to!
    2. I’ve never been an early adopter (only just joined Twitter!) so will ignore my Google+ invite and wait to see what happens
    3. Patrick definitely
    4. Don’t like how Julia rolls, but agree she is cool under pressure.
    5. I’m happy with the Carbon tax, despite the way its come about.
    6. lol.

  2. i’ve just subscribed to your blog :)

    i love this post as you’ve summarised my week in a nutshell. well, admittedly on the HP front i am looking forward to it (next tuesday!) rather than having seen it. and yes, yes, yes re: julia gillard and the carbon tax. please decide to like google+ though – i reckon it is fabulous, and i think with more people on there it will provide facebook with a run for its money (it’s all about the circles!)

  3. Nope – they’re Nina’s love interests in Offspring! But that reminds me of the Masterchef controversy with Kate and the Dalai Lama this week.

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