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Destiny’s Women

It’s often been said that music encapsulates an era. I was listening to a greatest hits CD of Destiny’s Child this week and it dawned on me that their music has in many ways been the soundtrack for women of my age. The girl power of the Spice Girls came […]

Wicked Wonderings

Saw Wicked tonight night with Jess, Anna and Arthur. LOVED it! Very moving, had a few teary moments! Here are some very brief thoughts about one of the main themes: acceptance. *SPOILER ALERT* There are a number of touching songs. One of them is Elphaba’s solo “I’m not that girl” […]

Keith Green tribute (for Kat)

Keith Green (official/Wikipedia) had been a child popstar in the 60s before he missed his big break and went a bit AWOL.  Then God busted in.  In the few years of ministry he shared with his family before his tragic death in 1982, aged 28, he churned out some awesome […]

Liturgical painting: Spem in Alium

Today we did a performance for the Good Friday gathering at Christ Church Hawthorn.  Tamie read through Isaiah 53 while I pitched blood and filth at a great white throne flicked clots of red paint at a white-sheeted chair.  It was a straightforward but powerful symbol of Jesus’ suffering for […]