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More on choosing a Bible version

There is a glut of modern English Bible versions! None of them are perfect, of course, but how do we choose which is most appropriate? I’ve argued previously that the NIV is the most versatile version. However, different translations serve different purposes. For exploring this further I highly recommend this article by Bible translator […]

And the best Bible translation is…

Of course, there’s no such thing as a perfect translation, or even an ideal translation. Every Bible translation is good for a different purpose, as Bible translator Donna explores. There are several different translations that I like to recommend. But of all the modern English versions, I find the NIV the […]

The new NIV

The new NIV has just been released on Biblegateway. It fully replaces earlier NIV versions, including the TNIV. There’s an introduction, some notes on translation, and you can do comparisons between versions. It will appear in print next year. If I were to name a favourite Bible translation, the NIV […]