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Never Alone: Book Review

Never Alone continues the series on missionary biography. It’s ‘the remarkable story of David and Robyn Claydon’. Strictly speaking you probably wouldn’t call them missionaries (though we had quite the discussion over the definition of that word in missiology) but they worked in local and overseas mission organisations and travelled the world for it so I figured it was close enough!

David and Robyn were involved with SU, IVF (later AFES), CMS and Lausanne – stock standard evangelical organisations. But in most of those cases, they ended up running or revitalising them! Most evangelicals in Australia would have benefited, directly or indirectly from their ministry.

Highlights from this book were:

  • Reading about people who are recent and Australian. I’ve heard these guys speak; I recognise the names of those who comment about them (including one Mary Lewis!); I know the places they mention. Reading this feels in some way like reading the greater story that I share in.
  • This book is about David AND Robyn. Both are recognised as highly gifted and influential leaders. It profiles Robyn’s ministry and background as well as David’s, showing how they supported and complemented each other.
  • The emphasis on relationships and networking. As the Claydons climbed higher and higher up the evangelical hierarchy, it wasn’t because they applied for positions of leadership but because they were known. One of the main things people knew about them was that they loved others.
  • God can use anyone. David was born as an orphan and had a tumultuous and lonely childhood. Robyn was born into a stable clergy family and nurtured in the faith from when she was very young. Though their backgrounds were incredibly different, God used both of them.

This book is well worth the read to be encouraged by God’s faithfulness to these two and their energy and commitment to him. Their story connects Australians with a larger history of local and overseas missions.

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