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Entrusted with the Gospel (NTE 2010)

The theme for this year’s NTE was ‘Entrusted with the Gospel’, with Don Carson as the keynote speaker (though Richard Chin opened and closed the conference). The first thing to say is that The Don was heaps better than when I saw him in Melbourne earlier this year. He was clearly in his element, teaching to Christian uni students.

One of the great things that AFES does is to instill in students an understanding of the primacy of the gospel. The preciousness of the gospel and the urgency that others hear about it, for their own good and the glory of God, is unmistakeable. It’s presented as something for everyone there to be involved in. AFES is a second decision group, not a church, so it has a more targeted purpose. For that reason, evangelism and training future church leaders are higher up the priority list.

However, I saw two issues arising at NTE concerning what it means to be entrusted with the gospel. I’ll address these in the next two posts: what gospel it is that we’ve been entrusted with; and what we should do with that gospel. There are some criticisms in these posts but that’s not to have a go. I’m a proud product of AFES. I went through the ministry in Adelaide, I worked for them, and I’m heading back into student ministry with IFES. These are self-critical questions of a ministry I love and have benefited greatly from. They’re also part of me processing how I should contribute to student ministry I’m involved in in the future.

(Photo from NTE 2010 by David Johnstone)

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