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This is our final year of theological college (third year of the MDiv) and our last 18 months in Melbourne. What will it mean for us to flourish?

Space to thrive. We took on heaps last year — ten college subjects is a lot! Having overloaded, we’ve got a bit more room. Now we need to make sure we resist the temptations that come with the space: laziness for me; overcommitment for Tamie. There is much we hope to learn because of the extra space. We want to rest well, which means working hard, and cutting down filler activities that are neither work nor rest.

Scripture by immersion. As a Westerner, I feel well and truly an expert at technocratic Bible reading. Western devotional methods have been useful, but my experiences with Sudanese Christianity have encouraged me to explore other ways of reading and knowing, and boosting my verbal memory. I’ve begun using this approach, which heightens my imagination and creativity while decreasing the pedantry and guilt that can so easily emerge in ‘quiet time’. The challenge will be connecting it with prayer.

Morning walks. Melbourne winters seem to last from April till November! Towards the end of 2009, we felt like we’d been getting a bit SAD. We’ve adjusted somewhat since then, but a walk first thing in the morning will improve things, getting some sunlight into us, helping lift moods and regulate sleep.

Mentors. We get to start our CMS mentoring a year early! Neither of us have had formal mentors before, and we’re relishing the opportunity to share regularly with friends who are older and wiser.

2 for 1 drinks. We love going out but we’re on a student budget. We spend a lot of time together at home, but much of this is parallel time as we read and study. Small outings will give us intentional face-to-face time. The Entertainment Book makes it easier.

Internet kill switch. It’s all too easy for me to fritter away hours in blog reading and social networking. Each night I’m switching on SelfControl, giving myself an internet-free start to the next day and only 4 hours of internet access in the early evening — more than enough!

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