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Brisbane reflections

Arthur says every Australian city is a new cross-cultural experience. We had a ball in Brisbane and loved trying to work out its unique culture.

We noticed a number of things that fit the Brisbane stereotype. For example,

  • SHORTS! Arthur wasn’t used to seeing other men’s legs so much! It’s understandable considering the climate, but we suspect it’s also part of the relaxed attitude.
  • YOBBOS! Waiting for a ferry coming back from Kangaroo Point, one of a rowdy bunch of guys yelled at me, ‘Oi Tubs, you pregnant?’ He also proceeded to jump from the roof of the ferry to the pier – very silly!
  • CONSERVATISM. The same group of young men paid attention when another guy told them to tone down their language ‘because there’s a lady present’. I can’t imagine such a statement being uttered in Melbourne, let alone heeded.

In comparing it to other Australian cities we’ve seen, we thought it:

  • was relaxed like Adelaide, but less polite.
  • felt geographically more like Sydney, with its awesome water and water transport and its hills.
  • had friendlier people than any other Australian capital we’ve been to – even the guy on the street we gave money to was up for a chat and wanted to give us directions!
  • seemed less competitive than Sydney (part of the relaxed thing) but still had a more macho vibe than Melbourne or Adelaide

We had a wonderful time while we were there, staying in the city for the first two nights, then with Nathan and Robyn at Camp Hill and then down at Holmview (halfway to the Gold Coast) with Kaine and Josie. Apart from hanging out with these amazing people, highlights included meeting their friends, the Easter chocolate buffet, a visit to QTC for Arthur, and watching some Rugby.

Have you been to Brisbane or lived there? What are the defining features of its culture as you see them?

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