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Highlights from our Commissioning

We got officially ‘commissioned’ last night. We made some promises about going to Tanzania and God’s people laid hands on us and prayed for us.

Interview with Senior Minister of St Matt’s David Bassett

Here are some of the highlights:

The range (and number!) of the people who were there. Some were old friends who have been supporting us for many years; others were new friends whom we’ve met on our church visits. They came from more than 8 different churches. They were young and old.

The reminder that CMS is both evangelical and old. While many organisations lose their way, CMS has kept true to Jesus for over 200 years. What a legacy to be a part of!

Singing together. Arthur’s choice was Hosanna for its prayer in the bridge that God would start his work first in us. My choice was Everlasting God for its reminder of God’s enduring care – he won’t grow weary!

Ben Woodd’s sermon, including an exhortation to be frustrated when language learning is slow, because it will push us to study more diligently, so we can proclaim Jesus better (that goes for learning the culture too!); and the encouragement that even if all our supporters were to abandon us, Jesus would not.

The prayers from representatives of our link churches: against Satan’s attacks, for times of stress to strengthen our love for one another and for little Elliot, and for humility, love and patience in ministry.

The hospitality of the guys from our home church, providing a wonderful supper after the service.

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