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Recommendation: The Kingdom of Heaven is like this

Rain for Roots, the people who made the kids’ music that didn’t make us want to claw our eyes out, have released a second album. While the last one did big picture of the Bible kind of stuff, The Kingdom of Heaven is like this zooms in on Jesus’ sayings and parables.

rforrkingdomI love how this music is growing with our family. Where the first album was lullaby type music, perfect for the hours we spent singing to and rocking the little guy, this one is a bit more playful. In ‘Do Not Worry’ the singer says, ‘Now, you’re not a bird or a flower – you don’t have petals or wings! – but there is good news, you’re worth so much more to the God who made everything.’ In ‘Good Fruit’, Elliot loves the bouncing of, ‘No no no, no no no no no’ when we ask, ‘Suppose I grow an apple on a pear tree?’.

Once again, this is not just telling Bible stories, but interpretation and application. It’s thought provoking stuff opening up deep reflection even as it comforts and challenges. ‘Go Get the Lost One’ takes Jesus’ three stories (sheep, son, coin) and tells them together, just as they should be, picking up on what is unique about each. Look out too for the last song which is a rendering of the Lord’s prayer.

Great music for kids and adults alike.

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