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Where has ‘the wheel’ been all my life? My first-time discovery of a fifty-year-old evangelism resource

I’ve previously explored several evangelistic tools in my series on iCatechisms. Resources like these are typically oriented towards personal beliefs, decision-making, and the rational private individual, all of which has left me unsatisfied. Basically what I’ve been angling for are resources that collapse the divide between ‘evangelism’ and ‘discipleship’, and put the focus on walking with Christ.

Enter ‘the wheel’.

I love the way it’s all about the person of Jesus. I love the way it’s geared towards allegiance and obedience. I love the way it captures both ‘vertical’ and ‘horizontal’ dimensions. I love the way it moves us towards spiritual formation, Christian community, and the disciplines.

You can get the full rundown at the Australian Navigators website and PDF. The Navigators have been using the wheel for more than fifty years.  I resonate with their aims and methods, like other global evangelical organisations, but they’re always been on my periphery.

I haven’t yet worked through the supplied Bible verses but I’m looking forward to digging into this tool. Have you ever used it?

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Arthur Davis

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  1. Love navigators stuff. When I went to America, I was discipled by a guy. Years later I saw that the way he discipled me was very similar, if not a product, of the navigators approach. I see it as being foundational to the way I do ministry and my approach now as a missionary.

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