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6 things we are looking forward to about Tanzania

I recently wrote about the things apart from family and friends which we will miss about Australia. Here are some non-relationship things we’re looking forward to about Tanzania:

  1. Having happier skin. Adelaide really dries out your skin! The little boys pick their noses incessantly because they feel so dry. My skin is itchy if it isn’t being constantly moisturised. Dar’s tropical climate means you’re sweaty all the time and we get way more infections, but never dry skin!
  2. Outside lifestyle. Dar is all about either being outside searching for shade and breeze, or inside with all the windows open and the fans on. Air conditioning is a luxury, which means the air feels less artificial. We get way fewer colds in Tanzania, and one reason might be the abundance of fresh air, even inside.
  3. No cold. None of us really like rugging up, or thinking daily about what the temperature will be. In Dar, it’s always hot, you just have one wardrobe. It’s simple, and you never regret your clothing choice because of the weather. And you just don’t get cold!
  4. Chipsi Kuku. This is a kind of packet chips you get in Tanzania, a bit like Cheetos in texture, but it’s ‘chicken’ flavoured. Disgusting. They are about 20c a packet and our kids love them. While I’m at it, there’s this mayonnaise there which I’m fairly sure is just straight high fructose corn syrup. Coleslaw is never so delicious as in Tanzania.
  5. Our bed. It’s been 6 months since we slept in our own bed. And we love our bed! We got a King-sized frame and mattress because we co-slept with Callum and were often joined by Elliot too, and it is just way too hot for anyone to be touching anyone else while sleeping! The boys are better at sleeping in their own room now, and all that space feels like pure luxury to the grown ups.
  6. Our backyard. This is what the boys have talked about non-stop whenever we mention Tanzania. They list the climbing frame, swing, trampoline, sandpit, etc. Those things are around at playgrounds in Australia, but we quickly discovered that if we let them go to the playground (or anywhere, even our front porch!) on their own, well-meaning people would inquire about where their parents were. Sometimes what kids need is their own outside space, without grown ups around, so we are all looking forward to them having a backyard again.

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